Communications Package

The Communications Package, at $97 per month ($1164 for a year),
can also be paid one-time at $1000 (saving you $164 for the year) …









104 Business Coaching Tips for
“Converting More Prospects Into Customers”
(get 2 every week)

30 articles on various Marketing and Business growth topics
(get 2 every month)

12 Business-Growing Special Reports
(get 1 every month)

12 Advanced Business Coaching Lessons
(get 1 every month)


Communications Package Contents



30 Articles … Various Topics


Are You Aiding or Abetting the E-myths   …   Are You on The Right Path

Be One With The Big Fish   …   Bring Them Flowers

Customer Service, a Very Hot Topic   …   Deliver +1 and the 1%

Essentials for Successful Marketing Campaigns   …   Gather The Troops

Keep Up The Momentum   …   Raving Fans

Successful Cold Outreaching   …   Tested and Proven, Thinking Outside the Box

The Corporate Puzzle   …   The Corporate Puzzle, continued

The Perfect Bait   …   Untangle The Red Tape

Who Is Your MVP, Is It YOU?   …   5 Killer “Going for the Big Fish” Mistakes

Websites vs Blogs   …   Convert More Website Visitors into Customers

Enhance Your Website With Video   …   Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Soften the Blow of Negative Reviews   …   At Their Fingertips with Mobile Marketing

and 6 more



The Special Reports


Maybe the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Read in Business
How to Create a Compelling Reason To Buy
E-book … 10 Ways To Generate More Online Leads
E-book … Everything Is ALL Wrong With Your Marketing
The Buyer’s Journey … and The Conversion Equation
The Buyer’s Journey Explained
E-book … The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Business Owners Make
Anatomy of a Million Dollar Sales Letter
9 Brilliant Tips That Create Successful Sales Letters
How To Create A Dream 100 Prospect Strategy
E-book … The Platitude Elimination Guide
7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Going On Social Media



The Business Coaching Lessons

How To Make Goal Setting a Part of Your Business
How To Create, Manage and Achieve Your Goals
How To Identify Your Target Market
How To Strengthen Your Marketing Message
How To Create Marketing Materials That Work
How To Craft Powerful Offers
How To Write Headlines That Stop Them In Their Tracks
How To Increase Your Conversion Rate
How To Add Value To Your Business
How To Generate Leads Through Referrals
How To Write Press Releases
How To STOP Discounting and Increase Sales



(you get one each month in order)

The Million Dollar Business Card
The Elevator Pitch Template
Conversion Equation Evaluator
The GAP Analysis
Quick Start Coaching Guide
Compelling Message Template
Sales Letter Template
Ad Template
The Headline Bank
The Landing Page Guide



Impossible to Calculate the value of this information …
But, you can get it for $97 per month …


Just ONE bit of information can propel you into 
the revenue and profits you always dreamed of

ALSO, if you want to move into year 2,
there are plenty more where these came from …





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