Your Brevard County Florida Google My Business Listing is Worth WAY More Than You Know

Your Google My Business Listing is Worth
WAY More Than You Might Know


46% of all Google searches have local intent.
83% of businesses get seen in discovery searches,
and over 64% of customers have used Google My Business
listing to find a local business’s address or phone number.


Your customer base is on the internet right now. Searching for a service, product
or local brick and mortar shop. And, considering 80% of all searches happen on
Google, the chances of them landing on Google My Business listing is pretty high.

Most of them won’t go past the first page or the local pack (the first three business
snippets that appear when you search for local service). And this is your problem!
The good news is you can increase your visibility, attract more customers and
outrank your competition just by tweaking your Google My Business page a bit.


The Power of Google My Business

Here’s how


Use Google’s Booking Feature


If your business uses an appointment-based approach, you can take advantage of
Google My Business’ booking button feature and combine it with scheduling software
to allow your customers to book your services or time right on Google’s search page.
Easy, fast, and will help you stand out from the local crowd.

Most people are looking for fast and easy communication routes. Give it to them.
You should also use the GMB ‘Request a Quote’ or messaging app to allow your
customers to reach you easily. Pro-tip? Always be prompt with your replies.


Make Sure Your NAP is Consistent


NAP stands for Business Name, Address, and Phone Number. It’s one of the most
important and overlooked factors. Take a quick look at your GMB listing and make
sure your NAP is accurate, up-to-date and consistent with your other business
citations. Citations are online references to your business’s NAP.  And, Google
uses them to evaluate your business’s online authority and credibility. They help
with business discovery and Google algorithms reward local businesses with a
greater number of citations by ranking them higher.


Plus, Google’s voice assistant uses your NAP to pick up pointers about your
business so it can relay them to the searches. Any mismatch in your NAPs
will not only put you at a disadvantage with searchers using Google Voice
Assistant but will also have a negative impact on your search rankings.


Use Google My Business Post Feature


Your GMB posts are additional advertisements for your potential customers.
They bring you exposure, help the customer understand different parts of your
business, promote CTA, and boost your Google ranking factor. Post a minimum
of 4 times a month. When you post, Google shows your posts to mobile searchers.
You can also use Google My Business’ insights feature to find out keywords you’re
not ranking well for. You can create posts optimized around those phrases and
drastically improve your rankings.


Collaborate with Local Businesses


Another strategy that helps is collaborating with other local businesses in
your niche or ones that compliment you. It can be a local event, a seminar,
a joint offer. It shows Google you’re popular in the local space.


Reviews. Reviews. Reviews


I cannot stress enough on how important reviews are.  According to a study,
conversion rates peaked when businesses attained 4.9 stars, and the conversion
growth spiked by 120% when the ratings improved from 3.5 to 3.7 Most people
look at reviews first. They establish trust and provide the validation your customer
needs before going in for a purchase. One bad review and you can lose customers
for years to come. As a rule of thumb, aim for more reviews than your competition.


Visuals Make All the Difference


Try and aim for 10x the photos your competitor has. I know that’s a lot. But the results
will be in your favor, I promise. Businesses with more than 100 images get 520% more
calls, 2717% more direction requests, 1065% more website clicks, 520% more calls,
and 713% more discovery searches than the average business. Let the photos
provide an enticing peek into your business.

Spend money on a professional 360 virtual tour of your business place. And use more
video snippets and stories in your profile. Show your business place, show the process
behind your work and customer testimonials. Use it to promote your brand value and
what you stand for.

Occupying real estate on the first page is a difficult job. But Google listings are free.
In the recent past, Google has been optimizing its search page and adding widgets
so people can find what they need on the Google page itself. This means, there’s a
big possibility most of your potential customers won’t even visit your website. Therefore,
prioritizing your GMB listing will lead to a long-term increase in sales and visibility.


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