15 Ways To Grow Your Brevard County Business Fast Using Inexpensive Videos

15 Down and Dirty Ways to Grow Your Brevard County Business Fast
Inexpensive Videos That Capture Attention and Drive Traffic:



Incorporate Instant Share-ability

One point right off the bat about trying to grow your Brevard County Business fast using
inexpensive videos, is that people are more likely to share an interesting video with other
people than they are an article. And with Social Media, sharing is a natural – in fact,
people are LOOKING for things to share. So, give them one.


Go Viral

This can be difficult to do with an ordinary video, but with the right hook your video can
go viral. If it does, be prepared – the sudden influx of business can catch you off guard
if you are not ready. In 2011 Dollar Shave Club made a viral video called, “Our Blades
Are F***ing Great.” That one video received 14 million views and 12,000 new orders
within the first 48 hours of being uploaded. But can a viral video help a local business?
Absolutely. When local viewers share it with their local friends and family, you can receive
an influx of brand-new customers seemingly overnight.


Introduce Your Business

When you are thinking about how to grow your Brevard County Business fast using
inexpensive videos, Let the world (or your city) meet you, your business, and your
workers. People like to relate to people, and the more they know, like and trust you,
the more likely they are to do business with you.


Make Your Website “Sticky”

When you have videos on your website, people tend to stay on your site longer.
And the longer they stay, the more likely they are to become customers.


Share Your Story

Why do you do what you do? What makes you the best? Everyone loves a great story,
so share. But be careful – people still care more about themselves and what is in it for
them. That is why you have got to strategize just the right story and make it one people
will embrace and share.


Get Recognized

Brand recognition is just as important at the local level as it is at the national level.
Think about this – no one can visit your local business or use your local service if they
never heard of it. But with the right video, you can spread your name throughout your
community and begin building your reputation as THE business to turn to in your field.


Share Testimonials

Showcase your product and give visual reviews to your prospects. Interview customers
to see what they love about your service or business and incorporate those. Do a case
study on how you helped someone and the results they achieved because of your business.
Any of these – when done correctly – can act as a powerhouse referral agent bringing you
new clients automatically.


Grow Your Business Fast Using Inexpensive Videos



Alleviate Doubts

New customers might wonder if you can live up to your promises. But with video, you can
show proof to your visitors that simply cannot be conveyed effectively through text.


Get More Free Traffic

Video can improve your search engine ranking, making it easier for prospects to find you
and your business. This is because most major search engines – including Google –
give preference to pages that include video. And pages with video are also more likely to
receive backlinks – another factor that can boost you higher in the natural search results.


Get Found on the Second Biggest Search Engine

Did you know that other than Google, more people search YouTube than any other site?
If you are not on YouTube, you are losing customers who would have been yours, if only
they could have found you.


Look Damn Smart

Prospects want to do business with the movers and shakers – the people who KNOW
what they are doing. How better to demonstrate what you and your business can
accomplish for them, than to showcase your wealth of knowledge on video?
For example,
if you are a Chiropractor, then a short video offering a back-saving tip or exercise
demonstrates you know what you are talking about and you also care enough to share.


Increase Your Conversion Rates

You have got a great product, but having a tough time getting people to buy? Try using
a short video. A study by Retail Touchpoints showed that prospects who viewed video
were 174% more likely to buy the product or service.


Build a Waiting List

So, you are about to launch a new product or service – how do you tell your local
prospects and customers? With video of course. A short video that explains the
benefit of your new offering can get people lined up in anticipation of your launch.


Teach Them to Love Your Product

Let’s say you have a rather technical product, or maybe there are follow up measures a
client needs to perform to get maximum benefit, or a procedure your accounting clients
need to follow that can be difficult to understand. Do not explain it over and over again –
instead, send them to a video that details exactly what they need to know. This saves
you time and aggravation because you are not having to teach the same thing over and
over again. And it helps your customers, patients, and clients to get the very most out of
your products and services. In fact, customers who watch videos on how to get the most
out of their purchase are 52% less likely to return products or lodge complaints.


Become Facebook Famous

Upload your videos directly to Facebook and share them in native format to generate tons
of engagement. By uploading straight to Facebook instead of sharing a YouTube link,
your brand page will get more visibility. In turn, this lifts all your content on Facebook.


As you can see, Video Marketing is highly beneficial for improving your
brand’s recognition, driving traffic, and making more sales.

If you are not already making your own videos, I would love to help.

And even if you are, I can show you the power that short,
catchy animated videos can have on your business.

That is right – animated.

I create short animated videos for local business clients that grab
attention like nothing else can, and I can do them for you.

Give me a call and let’s discuss it.

You could have your own animated video online within a week, driving traffic
your way and sending you new customers and more sales. Get in the game!






Please share! And we await your comments and questions
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