Silver Package

The Silver Package, at $297 per month ($3564 for a year),
can also be paid one-time at $3200 (saving you $364 for the year) …





Silver Package


52 Strategic Marketing Business Coaching Ebooks


This Silver Package takes yet another big step to reveal the inner most Strategies and Tactics,
taught by the top Business Coaches, who demand the highest monthly retainers on the planet …

These Ebooks are actual lessons that are used by Business Coaches & Marketing experts at
$500 to as much as $5000 per … They can even be through a couple of visits, video chats,
phone Consultations, and also in-person visits … Or they could be a part of a month long
subject or topic by them as a common practice …

The truth of the matter is, considering value for your money … Any one of these Strategies
can transform your business … What would that be worth in money? Freedoms? Peace?
Living your dreams? And more … They are all tested and proven to be amazingly
successful when implemented properly … Which means you can do that as well …

I present 52 of them to you, as a subscriber, at about one every 10 days, delivered to
your inbox … You can implement any Strategy on your own, with your staff, or with your
business associate who handles this sort of thing for your Marketing and Business …

Oh, and there are more too … 🙂 …



How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Business (18 pages)
Create your Market-Dominating Position – Part One (21 pages)
Create your Market-Dominating Position – Part Two (15 pages)
How To Identify Your Perfect Target Market (16 pages)
Target Customers … How To Know What They Are Thinking (19 pages)
How To Make Sure You Select The Right Target Market (21 pages)
Identifying Your Low Hanging Fruit (19 pages)
How Target Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell (22 pages)
How To Create a Compelling Message Your Market Will Respond To (22 pages)
How To Create A Competition Crushing Sales Process – Parts 1, 2, and 3
How I Help You Write Persuasive Marketing
My Bulletproof Marketing Equation
How I Create an Elevator Pitch Using a 4-Part Process
Designing Competition Crushing Ads
How To Design Market Dominating Websites – Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
How To Generate Leads Online – Parts 1 and 2
How To Calculate What Your Customers Are Worth To You
How To Create A Revenue Plan – Your Roadmap To Wealth
Creating Your Companies SWOT Analysis
Your Go Forward Marketing Plan And Schedule
How To Create An Online Presence
Generating Leads Using Compelling Emails And Sales Letters
Find Contact And Persuade Strategic Endorsement Partners – Parts 1, 2, and 3
How To Generate Massive Online Leads Through Referrals – Parts 1 and 2
Use Email Marketing To Generate All The Leads You Can Handle
How To Build A Massive Email List
Generate Online Leads Using Webinars and TeleSeminars – Parts 1 and 2
How To Use Compelling Incentives
How To Create Lots Of Added Value In Our Business
How To Raise Prices WITHOUT Losing A Single Customer
Networking Strategy Number 1 – Elevator Pitch
Networking Strategy Number 2 – Business Card
Networking Strategy Number 3 – Landing Pages
Networking Strategy Number 4 – Sales Letter
Networking Strategy Number 5 – Compelling Offers 1, 2, and 3
STOP Discounting Madness
DRIP Campaigns To Skyrocket Revenue And Profits
How To Reactivate Stale Clients
Increase Transactions And Customer Revenue – Parts 1 and 2


You now have access to the most powerful and proven business growth Strategies
and Tactics on the planet. They have helped thousands of Small Business Owners
worldwide to become successful.

This Marketing is an effective way to help serious Business Owners build up the
momentum they need to get their business up and running and making money.
But these are Strategies and Tactics that require you to APPLY the information.
That is because information without application is worthless. If you will take the
information I have provided and apply it directly to your business, you will
begin to see impressive and at times immediate results.

This Marketing is here to help you gain traction, to get you out of a financial
hole (if you’re in one), and help you regain the momentum you may have
lost in your business (if true). But you must be disciplined to make them work.

That is why one of my primary goals is to help you increase your revenue.
Implement it in full and you will transform your business into a market leader.



(you get one each month in order)

The Million Dollar Business Card
The Elevator Pitch Template
Conversion Equation Evaluator
The GAP Analysis
Quick Start Coaching Guide
Compelling Message Template
Sales Letter Template
Ad Template
The Headline Bank
The Landing Page Guide



If you need assistance, I am ready!

So, until next time, here’s to your success!







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