Silver Plus Package

The Silver Plus Package, at $397 per month ($4764 for a year),
can also be paid one-time at $4200 (saving you $564 for the year) …




Silver Plus Package



This Silver Plus Package consists of the “Videos”
that are the same complete lessons that are in the
52 Ebooks in the Silver Package … But, on video!

Each of the videos are complete lessons by my
Spokesperson (I have 2) … 
And each video is from
20 minutes, up to about 40 minutes in length …



Laying The Groundwork
Market Dominating Position 1, and 2
Identifying Your Perfect Target Market
Knowing What They Think Before They Think It
Selecting The Right Target Market
The Low Hanging Fruit
How They Decide To Buy
Compelling Messages
Competition Crushing Sales 1, 2, and 3
Creating Persuasion Marketing
The Conversion Equation
Creating The Elevator Pitch
Creating Competition Crushing Ads
Market Dominating Websites 1, 2, 3, and 4
Generating Online Leads 1, and 2
What Your Customers Are Worth
Revenue Plan – Your Roadmap To Wealth
Your S.W.O.T. Analysis
Your Marketing Plan and Schedule
Your Online Presence
Email Sales Letter Leads
Strategic Endorsement Partners 1, 2, and 3
Online Leads Through Referrals 1, and 2
Email Marketing For leads
Build A Massive Email List
Webinars & Teleseminars 1, and 2
Compelling Incentives
Creating Added Value In Your Business
Raise Prices Without Losing Customers
Networking Strategy 1 – The Elevator Pitch
Networking Strategy 2 – The Business Card
Networking Strategy 3 – The Landing Page
Networking Strategy 4 – The Sales Letter
Networking Strategy 5 – Compelling Offers 1
Networking Strategy 6 – Compelling Offers 2
Networking Strategy 7 – Compelling offers 3
STOP Discounting Madness
DRIP Campaigns To Skyrocket Profits
Reactivate Stale Clients
Increase Transactions & Customer Revenue 1, and 2



(you get one each month in order)

The Million Dollar Business Card
The Elevator Pitch Template
Conversion Equation Evaluator
The GAP Analysis
Quick Start Coaching Guide
Compelling Message Template
Sales Letter Template
Ad Template
The Headline Bank
The Landing Page Guide






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