6 Reasons Videos Can Enhance Your Email Marketing

Personalized Video Messaging


We are visual creatures. Have you ever been misunderstood in a text email or couldn’t
articulate or get your point across? Have you wished you could simply show someone
what you were talking about rather than try and explain it with text email? I’m here to
tell you, videos can enhance Email Marketing

Numerous studies show that video communicates better than text and graphics alone.
People often say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, video is even better.
In the life-cycle process of Online Marketing and promotion, video messaging tactic
increases exposure, creates engagement and captivates your customers.




Videos can enhance Email Marketing

And Used properly, personalized video messaging will
significant results and guarantee your success.


To summarize why videos can enhance Email Marketing, video messaging increases the
customer’s trust in you and builds better relationships. You can build your brand and get
your message and your story across in a much more powerful and streamlined manner.
Moving forward with Marketing in 2020 and beyond, the landscape is changing to be a
more genuine and “real” Business Owner. The use of putting yourself out there, whether
for educational purposes, or product knowledge purposes, or introducing yourself, or the
latest special you are having … Video gets this done. There is no better way.

The Benefits of Using Video are Numerous:


Communicate better

Be real, be genuine, and captivate them

Build better relationships with prospects and customers.

Increase your closure rates

Differentiate yourself from your competition

Add an instant “wow” factor to your Online Marketing and promotions.



Better relationship building with great video messaging


Part of the Marketing life-cycle process is building better relationships. Achieving this
without meeting face-to-face can be difficult. Using video, prospects and customers
can put a face behind your website and emails. It increases closure rates significantly.


What Is Personalized Video Messaging to
Enhance Your Email Marketing & List Building?


Personalized Video Messaging is simply having the ability to add media, including audio
or video, into an email, blog, post or website page message. People would rather watch
than read, and people would rather talk than type. Video messaging allows you to better
communicate with prospects and customers which in turn builds better relationships.
Customers feel more confident and trustworthy in you when you put a “face” behind
cold text and webpages. Remember, videos can enhance Email Marketing campaigns.



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Imjustice Marketing and Dave Smith






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