Author: Dave Smith

  • To My Clients (or Potential Clients) About Marketing on Facebook

    I have plenty more where this came from, but this is a start …   If you want to Market your business on Facebook, a profile simply will not cut it. Pages are meant for businesses and they are much more effective at getting your message out there. What can you do if you goofed […]

  • USDA Loans – Mortgage for Homes in Rural or Suburban Counties

    What is a USDA loan? A USDA loan is a mortgage backed by the United States Department of Agriculture. It’s for borrowers with low-to-moderate income levels who buy homes in rural or suburban areas. There are two main types of USDA home loans: Guaranteed: This type is backed by the USDA, and you apply through […]

  • Search Engine Marketing Defined

    Search Engine Marketing Defined What’s the Difference?   As my thinking is, when hearing Search Engine Marketing Defined, or SEM, would be (and once was) a useful way to summarize and classify both the paid and non-paid initiatives that go into Digital Marketing via search engines. That would mean both the pay-per-click advertisements, or PPC ads, […]

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