Brevard County Florida Website Security and The Critical Google Update

This is what you will hear:


“Your website is not secure, and Google will put up a giant red flag that most of your page
visitors will see. That your website is NOT secure! When this warning pops up, customers
are scared to enter any personal information, because an unsecured website is easily
hacked, and their personal information may end up in the wrong hands.

Your site visitors anywhere in or near Brevard County Florida will likely take their business
elsewhere, and your site traffic will see a significant reduction. This will cause you to lose
leads, your rank in listings, and ultimately – money, so you need to get this taken care of …


website security and ssl certificates with IMJustice Marketing



Or, you can hear this:

“Your website is scaring customers away and pushing them to do business with your competition”.
This could be costing you huge sums of money, and I’ll help you fix it. So, you need to take steps
to ensure your customers feel safe entering their private information on your website.

There is a solution that can quickly, and cost effectively be implemented that will make your
customers feel safer and increase trust, so you never have to worry about customers going to
your competition, most of whom may be using a secure connection to collect inbound leads.

Just reach out to me, and I’ll follow up with a strategy.




Dave Smith and IMJustice Marketing