7 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing in Indian Harbour Beach Florida

Not Starting With The Who

Most marketers don’t start with the end in mind. And, as a result, they don’t ever get very
far. Before you setup ANY piece of your marketing material, you need to have a clear
understanding of who you’re marketing to in order to craft your message and your offers.

Here are the seven questions out of Dan Kennedy’s “The Ultimate Sales Letter” that you
should START with when doing your Market research. Answer these 7 questions, and
you’ll gain a clear understanding of who you’re marketing too, no matter what your niche.

What keeps your prospect awake at night?
What are they afraid of?
What are they angry about?
What are their top daily frustrations?
What do they secretly desire most?
Is there a built in bias on how they make their decisions?
Do they have their own unique language

Not Capturing The Lead

Most businesses don’t have an effective lead generation process.
They run ads that talk about specials or holiday sales, or the benefits of their
products, giving their customer ONE chance to buy their product or service, and
ONLY if they happen to need what that business is offering right then and there.
That inevitably leads to low sales conversions. The truth is that people will buy
when they’re ready to buy.

Trying To Marry Them Before You Date Them

Would you ask a girl to marry you before you asked them to date you? I didn’t’ think so.
But that’s what most marketers metaphorically do when they try to sell their products and
services. They immediately try to sell a $50 or $100 offer, and as a result, scare off most
of their prospects. Don’t make that mistake.

Sell something for $1 to $10 before you ever ask your customers to make a bigger buying
decision. As a result of having a lower cost of entry, you’ll generate more customers who
you can follow up with and offer more products and services to in the future. The first sale
is ALWAYS the hardest. Fulfill on what you promise in your low-cost front end product and
build a relationship with your new customers.


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Not Following Up

Here’s the deal…
No matter how cheap or good your front end offer is, only just about 1-3% of your leads
will ever purchase on the first point of contact (the first time they see your offer). Again,
the timing needs be right for them, not just you… And people are going to buy based on
what’s going on what’s going on in their life.

That means that you ALWAYS have to be following up with your leads. I’m not sure who
said it first, but the old saying goes, “follow up until they buy or until they die”… And while
it may seem like an extreme statement, it’s something that you HAVE to live by.

Not Offering Premium Value Solutions
(High Ticket Products)

Repeat after me, 90% of all of my profits will be made on the “back-end”.
In today’s marketplace, with so many competitors and so much market saturation,
you simply have to offer premium priced products if you want your business to be
in a healthy state of growth and profit.

If you’re not offering premium value solutions, you’re leaving almost all of your profits on
the table, and chances are your business won’t have healthy economics. You’ll be spending
a dollar on advertising, and then making .40 – .50 back. When you start to break even and
make a profit is when people start buying your higher ticket premium priced solutions.


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Not Using The Phone

While you absolutely do need higher ticket products in your arsenal in order to create
favorable economics in your business, it can be virtually impossible to sell those products
and services just over the Internet.

The best way to do that is through incorporating the phone. In general, the more personal
the sales medium, the more rapport you can build, and as a result, the more your client
will be willing to spend. Besides meeting and speaking with people face to face, the most
personal selling medium you can tap into is the phone.

Make sure to have some kind of process in place that means you get on the phone with
your customer and thus have the ability to sell them higher ticket items.

Quitting Too Early

In business, the truth is that the only way to TRUELY fail is to quit.
Even after you break through and create financial success, most of the things you try
end up failing. You have ad campaigns that aren’t profitable, holes in your sales funnels,
and even the occasional refund. Actually, the more successful you get, the more failure
you’ll endure.

Being successful means that you’re taking more action and doing more in your business,
and as a result, more failure ends up being inevitable. The only way you ever TRULY fail
in your business is when you quit too early.


Focus on executing upon all 6 of the other points I touched on in this
report, and then never, ever, ever quit. If you do, it’s a matter of “when”
you’ll be successful, and not “if”.


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