What are your customers talking about online right now? If you don’t know, you could be missing out on important conversations that could ultimately increase revenue and profits.

What I Strive for Daily as a Lead Generation & Marketing Strategist, Business Coach & Author

If you’ve ever considered hiring a Business Coach but stopped because you weren’t sure you needed to, or even believe in one – you’re not alone. One of the biggest factors that prevents Business Owners from engaging in Coaching or Advisory work is their fear of the “unknown” that comes with it. When you hire a Marketing Consultant to do […]

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The Essence of IMJustice Marketing from Indian Harbour Beach, Brevard County Florida

The Essence of IMJustice Marketing   IMJustice Marketing is simple, effective, and affordable—I am not the most prestigious solution, but effective, nonetheless. The core idea of “IMJustice” is that effective Small Business Marketing is a strategy exploration and implementation process, not an event composed of simple, effective, and affordable Tactical Marketing techniques. And to coin a phrase, that’s “Justice” in […]

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Getting Started With Video Marketing in Brevard County Florida

Gone are the days when businesses could make do with traditional marketing means – Online Marketing is now a necessity for any self-respecting business. Online video content, especially, has been taking the Marketing world by storm, with sites like Youtube and Vimeo having millions of unique visitors every month. Video Marketing has become one of the highest rising and most […]

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What Is the Actual Purpose of Marketing

The Purpose of Marketing   I mean, what is Marketing really supposed to do? Well, in a nutshell, Marketing is supposed to help facilitate your prospects’ decision-making process. There are prospects out there that need to buy what you sell. Sometimes they need to be educated to the fact that they need to buy what you sell in the first […]

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