What Is the Actual Purpose of Marketing

The Purpose of Marketing


I mean, what is the purpose of Marketing? Well, in a nutshell, Marketing is supposed to help
facilitate your prospects’ decision-making process. There are prospects out there that need
to buy what you sell. Sometimes they need to be educated to the fact that they need to buy what
you sell in the first place, and other times … they already know that they want it but they need
help deciding who they should buy it from. Often, they think they might want what you sell, but
they have questions and concerns that need to be overcome before they’ll pull out their credit
card or checkbook. But consider this.


Because these prospects are not experts in what you do… or their exposure to what you sell
is quite low … they don’t really know the relevant issues surrounding the purchase. They don’t
know how to make the best decision … they can’t tell the difference between the BEST deal and
a major mistake … which leaves an opportunity for you to provide them with this information …
and then guide them through the buying process.


All prospects and customers want the exact same things. And it really doesn’t matter what
type of business you have. They want to feel confident that their money has been well-spent …
and their decision has been made to the best of their ability. They want the best deal. NOT just
the best price, but the BEST DEAL in terms of overall value. People instinctively want to make
the best decision possible… and not feel like they’ve got to second-guess their buying decision.


All you have to do as the Marketer is figure out what’s important to your prospects … educate
them as to what constitutes the best deal when it comes to buying what you sell. Remember …
value. And then show them quantifiable proof that you actually provide the best deal in terms
of price and value. All this has to be communicated to them in a way they’ll pay attention to,
believe in, and then take action on. When this occurs, the prospect gets what they really want
from you … complete confidence that they have actually made the best decision possible …
and that they have truly gotten the best value. But here’s the problem.


IMJustice Marketing discussing the meaning of marketing


Instead of using the real purpose of Marketing to educate and facilitate the decision-making
process and build the case why a product or service is the best on the market… most
businesses fill their Marketing with self-serving jargon that’s only a thinly-veiled way to say,
“buy it from me because I want you to give me the money instead of my competitor.”

That’s why people become jaded … and why they resist Marketing. They tend to either dismiss
your entire Marketing message … or worse … they become skeptical and stop paying attention
to the message altogether. Prospective buyers want and need to be educated so that they can
feel confident when making their purchase decision, and no one’s providing it. But here’s the
good news.

The first one who does provide prospects with this information… WINS all the most profitable
customers available! When Marketing is done improperly, the end result is 100% predictable:
you start to feel intense pricing pressure from your prospects, and typically you’re forced to
cave in, lower your prices, destroy your margins, and make way less money than you should
just to stay competitive. And you get to spend more time at work and away from your family
than those that are successful.



Here’s the brutal truth… and please don’t be offended by this… but if you’re always competing
on price, it’s your own fault! Your lack of Marketing ability has led to a situation where there’s
no discernible difference between you and your competition. There have been no additional
parameters … or relevant issues introduced … to educate your prospects as to what really
constitutes the best value when it comes to buying what you sell.

If you feel like you’re always competing on price, it’s because price is the only relevant variable
that you’ve given your prospects to consider. From the prospect’s perspective, all things appear
equal, so they default to the business offering the lowest price. I’m about to show you how to fix
that once and for all. Our system … simply put … is a step-by-step program for innovating and
Marketing your business. The system will allow you to first be better than the competition … and
then second, do better Marketing than your competition. This allows you to separate your business
from your competition … and become the obvious choice for your prospects to do business with.


Everyone looks at the Internet as the end-all-be-all to all of their Marketing problems. But the
reality is that the Internet is just another medium to screw up your Marketing with bland messages
that do nothing to facilitate the decision-making process of your prospects. Yes … the Internet is an
important tool in your Marketing arsenal. But you need to have a great website … and that means
you better fix your strategic messaging that I’ve been talking about or you’re going to fail.


There’s an old saying that goes like this … If you want to know why Jane Doe buys what
Jane Doe buys, you’ve got to see the world through Jane Doe ‘s eyes. But the problem is that,
while most businesses are very good at knowing what Jane Doe wants, because they aren’t
communications experts, they don’t have the ability to communicate through their Advertising
and Marketing their inside reality to the outside world. They can’t lead their prospects to say,
“I would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you… at anytime, anywhere or at
any price.”



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Purpose of Marketing






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