Author: Dave Smith

  • Press Release Marketing For Your Brevard County Florida Business

    Press Release Marketing utilizes written communications that briefly report newsworthy events. Press Releases generally contain the who, how, why, where, and when of an event, and generally, this event is tied to a business or organization. (Although, it doesn’t have to be. Public figures use Press Releases frequently to get the word out about what […]

  • Local Directory Listings Services for Your Brevard County Business

    Have you ever done an online search for your own business?     What did you see?   Is the information that appears accurate and up to date? Most importantly, is your business listed near the top of the various local directory listings for your industry? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, […]

  • Getting Started With Video Marketing in Brevard County Florida

    Gone are the days when businesses could make do with traditional marketing means – Online Marketing is now a necessity for any self-respecting business. Online video content, especially, has been taking the Marketing world by storm, with sites like Youtube and Vimeo having millions of unique visitors every month. Video Marketing has become one of […]

  • Google My Business And Your Brevard County Florida Business

    Google is the most widely used search engine with  three billion daily searches   Considering the exceptional audience reach, Google My Business (GMB) should be your first choice for listing your business online. If your store locations are not on Google, you might as well not exist (at least in terms of online search queries). […]

  • Everything You’ve Ever Learned About Generating Leads and Growing Your Business Is Wrong!

    Everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong. Everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done, it’s all wrong!   What I do, is teach a system for Marketing your business … to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they […]

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