Building Your List with Interactive Marketing

So, what exactly is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is a one-on-one marketing tactic that adjusts and responds,
in real-time, to the customer’s actions. This gives the online interaction with a
brand a more personal touch for the customer.


Examples of interactive marketing include:

Quizzes and Polls
fun and engaging way to get customers to respond
(and opt-in to find out how they scored)

can entice users by comparing them to others
or provide the correct answers to questions

Interactive Forms
using the power of trivia to entice visitors
to engage with your brand.


email marketing and list building still grow any business


If you haven’t used Interactive Marketing to grow your list you’ve been missing out.
Now it’s your turn to get a share of the action. Used effectively, Interactive Marketing
can convert more prospects into your sales funnel and shorten the buying cycle.

This effectiveness across all stages of the buyer journey, coupled with the relative ease
of execution has resulted in 53% of content marketers using interactive content to
influence the buyer’s journey. Sounds promising, right? Then why are almost half of
content marketers still hesitant to take the leap and start using interactive content –
quizzes, calculators and knowledge tests regularly?


This is because “interactive content” is commonly perceived as complex and expensive
to use. To a Marketer or Manager who is already challenged by their content schedule,
it is probably too much of an extra burden.

Interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content
88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors
Interactive content generates 4-5x more page views than static content


Build a targeted subscribers’ list

Effective List Building with the right “triggers”, will get your customers or prospects
engaged, and then unleash your products or services for maximum traffic, attention
or business. The powerful Social Sharing ability with Calculators, Quizzes, Forms
and Polls, can multiply your list building results.  They can be auto distributed
across the web, creating a deluge of interest and traffic.

Sell more products

Leads mean sales… The leads you’ll receive with this strategy will be
eager and targeted, the best kind to start earning more business.


Leading edge Interactive Call to Actions
Immediate subscribers list
Calculators, Quizzes, Forms, Polls, Call to Actions, and much more
Captivating themes for higher conversions
Start-From-Scratch Friendly
Integration with leading CRM systems and auto-responders


Just Imagine

Having a large subscribers list sooner than imagined
High tech list building machines for your product or service
Profiting from your newly built subscribers list – today


growing your list is a great way to build your business