Press Releases can be an outstanding method to gain more traffic, more attention and grow your business better than you thought possible..

6 Reasons Why Your Press Release Will Get Trashed

First, Editors receive around 200-300 Press Releases a week. That is 10,000 to 15,000 a year. Just to let you know. Leading business magazines are heavily targeted. Many get more than 500 a week. Editor’s employ assistants just to wade through them. Editors reveal there are six main reasons why most Press Releases get binned (or not paid attention to), […]

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Press Release Marketing For Your Brevard County Florida Business

Press Release Marketing utilizes written communications that briefly report newsworthy events. Press Releases generally contain the who, how, why, where, and when of an event, and generally, this event is tied to a business or organization. (Although, it doesn’t have to be. Public figures use Press Releases frequently to get the word out about what they’re involved in.)     […]

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4 Reasons to say “YES” to IMJustice Marketing

  Reason #1:   Say YES and we will develop with you and ultimately you will end up with a strategic sales and marketing plan that essentially lasts forever. Provided you have an open mind and a willingness to follow the program we will absolutely make you and your company a more results-based enterprise through this dynamic relationship. Law of […]

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